Cold outside but we have a great fire and a stay-at-home night. We are sitting reading and enjoying some music. A perfect evening.


This is a gift I received from my friend Jan today. An artist angel. We have gotten together for years to watercolor - among other things. Last spring we went to Georgia for a watercolor workshop. Perhaps this angel can get me going on my watercolor again. I think I did more painting when the kids were running around the table and Jan and I would have to pack up everything and put it away!


One year ago today. I think of him every time I see geese or ducks flying. I spent a good part of the day with Mom; trying to fill the void.

Just Married

We attended the wedding of our friend's daughter Ashley. She and Matt wrote their vows and I was struck by one of his lines, "I promise to have children with you and make them the center of my life." At the end of the vows, he promised to be "awesome!" So different than our vows we took and yet...

Growing Old

I went to see Mom today and walked with her down the hall to her hair appointment. Little baby steps behind her walker. The slightest incline seems uphill to her and we stopped several times. And yet she stops and talks to everyone, knows their names and loves to socialize.


Early meeting, I'm grumbling and then I see the sunrise.

Name That Tune

JRC party tonight. Retro game - I'm dismal but our table won. Danced... need to take lessons.

Night with friends

Ten of us gathered at our house. We had all been together to cheer the election of Barack Obama on November 4th. Tonight we gathered to celebrate his inauguration! We are ALL hopeful for the future. It has been a long time.

Inaguration Day

I just witnessed a pivotal day in our history. So many years of trial and tribulation have brought us to this moment.

Day One

Charlie helped me finally choose a blog name after many strikeouts! He is the one who should blog so I will work on him in the future. A day filled with 2008 - still gathering and putting away!