Happy 87th Birthday

Today was Mom's 87th birthday and I made her a cheese souffle for her special dinner. It is her favorite! She came over for dinner and our only regret is that we hadn't gotten someone to come over and be a fourth in bridge.


We had such a good time going to Monsters vs. Aliens. The new 3D is so impressive and there were times when I jumped because it felt like I was going to be touched! Good story too.

Spring Procrastination

"I meant to do my work today ~ But a brown bird sang in the apple tree, And a butterfly flitted across the field, And all the leaves were calling me." Richard Le Gallienne

Somehow this quote says it all. There is so much to do around the house to get ready for weekend company and all I want to do is go outside. We are forecast for rain today so perhaps that will inspire me to get some things done. This is National Poetry Week. What is your favorite "spring" poem?

Midnight & Shadow

Today I picked up my Kansas City granddaughters for a long weekend. Maebry turned 9 last week and we had planned to drive down to celebrate and then the snow came! Well, a neat plastic cage awaited her when we got home and then we went to the pet store to pick out 2 gerbils! She declared it was the best present ever! She picked out two black gerbils and I thought she chose such great names. It's hard to be a little sister at 5 1/2. I am going to have to think of a great idea for Linden's 6th birthday in August. We're looking forward to a great weekend and if the gerbils survive all the loving, it should be a winner of a present. Of course, I ran it by Mommy and Daddy first.