Kansas Sunflowers

We drove out to our land yesterday and I took this picture of our field of sunflowers. Unfortunately, when you walk up to take the picture, you don't get the whole field. I should have climbed on top of the car!
We passed lots of fields of sunflowers on our way back from Colo. - they are a very popular crop right about now.

Today's Thoughts

Wednesday~September 23

A picture shared...

Mom and I drove out to Colorado last week. My sister, Meg, met us there and we shared a wonderful four days. The main purpose was to take Mom to see her very best friend from college days who had recently lost her husband. Mom got together with Mary and some of their college friends for lunch and they had a wonderful time!

Today I am seeing... rain falling, leaves falling and it seems the months falling away. What has happened to 2009?

I am feeling... sad that Summer is over. I am a summer girl - would much rather be hot than cold, sweaty rather than cool, and outdoors rather than in. I have never really liked AC even though I want to have it on when it's really hot.

I am hearing... the splash of rain through my open window. It is a light and pleasant rain. One I may go walk through with the dogs soon.

I am thinking... of the football game coming up this weekend. I love to meet our friends, tailgate in the parking lot and enjoy the excitement of the crowd.

On The Creek

What a great day. It started out with a Youth Sunday at Harvey County West Park with a church service conducted by our young people; followed by a potluck supper with pulled pork. Heavenly!! Then Charlie worked on the playground in construction at the church. Afterwards we met up with Scott and Mary Anne at Sand Creek for a canoe trip up and back to Main. It was a beautiful evening topped off with wine on the deck. Couldn't ask for more. Have a great week everyone.

For Today

From The Simple Woman's Daybook:

Outside my window ... I can see the pear tree with squirrels getting our fruit off the tree before it even ripens

I am thinking ... that the weekend is too short.

I am thankful for ... my husband who is always there for me

From the kitchen ... this week I made a delicious chicken soup with very simple ingredients - my homemade chicken stock and various vegetables along with the chicken meat. It went well with the rainy and cooler weather.

I am wearing ... cutoffs and an old shirt as we are going to work in the yard soon

I am creating ... a new page for our church web site, complete with a Happy Birthday section where you can send an email to birthday folks

I am going ... try a new wine tonight - Bridlewood Chard

I am reading ... "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch - an amazing story. Not as sad as you would expect - more inspiring than anything

I am hoping ... that we get a great turnout at our church service at the park next Sunday

I am hearing ... the football game from the other room. I only like to watch teams that I know..

Around the house ... too much laundry. Why does it accumulate with only the two of us???

One of my favorite things ... we went to see "Julie & Julia" and I LOVED it.

A few plans for the rest of the week
... a few meetings, Book Club on Thursday night, hopefully a dinner with friends to celebrate Charlie and Errol's birthdays - clear back to Aug. 7th

And a photo to share...this will be the playground we are putting into the church for my father's memorial. So many people donated to his memory that we were able to get a very nice set. The ground is prepared and cleared out so we are almost ready to put it up.