The End Of A Friendship

Goodby My Old Friend

I have a friend – I've known her for many, many years. In fact we met when I was pregnant with my first child, Scott. At first we used to get together maybe every three or four years. But now she comes to visit at least every year and sometimes several times a year.

When we're together it's amazing! We stay up late at night and have all kinds of fun drinks and treats. We go out for dinner and order fancy, elaborate meals. We love to have cinnamon rolls for breakfast, greasy french fries for lunch, and of course dessert every night. My friend went with me on our cruise in January to Tahiti. She helped me sample all the different foods that they offer.

I have come to the conclusion that after a long friendship, I may need to cut this friend off. I've been working on it - I haven't returned her calls even though  she calls me quite often, especially late at night. I've tried to stop any kind of communication with her and hang out with new friends. I've tried this before with mixed results. I'm hopeful that this time I can really do it.

Oh, by the way my old friend – well she's changed her name several times too. First I knew her as five pounds, then ten pounds and recently she's gone by fifteen pounds. I'm hoping to just remember her fondly and all the good times we had, but not renew our friendship again.

Wish me luck!

The Chocolate Caper

It began innocently enough.... a gift to the couple letting us use their condominium. My sister Meg and I were going to put together a gift basket with wine, cheese and, at my suggestion, a wonderful box of chocolates. Since Meg was getting all the food for Galveston, I offered to bring the wine and chocolates. I chose a box of 18 chocolates at Cocoa Dolce in Wichita before we flew to Galveston. 

Our first night there, we had a wonderful dinner of grilled salmon, asparagus and salad. As we sat on the deck with our glasses of wine, Meg confessed she had forgotten to bring anything for dessert. After thinking about this for a short time, we both looked at the box of chocolates. "Maybe we can ease the wax seal off the box and just have one", I said! Using the knife underneath the seal, it went pretty well until a big piece of the box top came off with the seal. "Well, we can buy some glue tomorrow", said Meg  We each had a piece, taking the total to 14. 

All went well until a break in our bridge game the next night. We had forgotten to buy glue and we had a craving for more chocolate. Down to eight chocolates. Okay, someone (no names mentioned) had more than one. Well, to make a long story short we ended up taking the remaining chocolates back to Houston with us and finished them off.

 The moral of the story is...  don't expect me to bring you chocolates and really give them to you. 

Galveston, Oh Galveston

Galveston, Oh Galveston. I remember that song so well!  
This time I think it could have been Galveston, Windy Galveston!
Lovely condo on the beach with Charlie, Meg and Bruce. 

Bruce and Meg with Sophie. Charlie and me. 
Lots of bridge. Fine seafood. The best red snapper ever. 

We had a wonderful time!
Then on to Houston for my eye appointment. 
Back in July for surgery. 

Easter Sunday, April 20th.

We were alone today as Scott and his family had to cancel their visit. Scott had to leave for Lexington and then on to Sweden. Since I had no little kids to hide Easter eggs for, I thought about hiding dog biscuits but decided maybe that was stretching Easter a bit. 

We had a lovely breakfast and church service to follow at St. Matthews. Charlie and I went out to the land later in the day, and cut down a number of the small trees around the pond that were growing up. It turned out to be a very nice afternoon. 

Happy Easter!

Happy moments, praise God. Difficult moments, seek God. Quiet moments, worship God. Painful moments, trust God. Every moment, thank God.