Book Club

Last night was Book Club at Ann's house. We discussed "The Help" - a very good book. If anyone has read it, I would be interested in hearing what you thought of it. We had a great discussion as well as getting together with great women.

The Pool Boys

We weren't at the pool this night but Skeeter, Carlos and Bobbio had a good evening. We celebrated Charlie and Bob's birthdays by going out to dinner at a wonderful Chinese restaurant.

My friend Lana and me. We were missing Vicky who was in N.C.

Birthday Bash

Since Charlie is on the 7th and Linden is the 9th, we had a family birthday party for both. Oreo cookie Dairy Queen cake - Linden's choice. We had fun and she go a total of $8.00 so she was happy!

Camp Nana & Papa

lessons at Camp N & P. Linden is stitching a rose on cross-stitch material. Later we will fill in with color. She is also getting swimming in at least once a day.

is learning how to knit. We got pink yarn and she is making a dishcloth. I was taught by my Nana when I was ten as we took the train to California. Maebry is ahead of me by a year, but she is a quick learner.

The girls at Exploration Place and the whale exhibit. It was a good activity for a rainy day. Only one more day left so we'll have to pack lots of fun into it. After that it will be time to meet their folks halfway in Emporia for the switch.

White Coat Ceremony

Here is Patrick as we watched him at his "white coat ceremony." He went to the mic. and introduced himself - Hi. I am student doctor, Patrick Craig, from Newton, Kansas. The real work starts tomorrow - anatomy cadavers at 7 a.m. sharp. It was a very nice day - tours, speeches and the white coat ceremony where it was put on by a faculty member.