Signs of Spring

On a walk with the dogs I was so happy to see the signs of spring everywhere.

Kindergartners walking durning their recess time. They all wanted to pet the dogs and wanted us to go with them on their walk.

Our most prolific Kansas Spring flower!  The dandelion.

I got a good picture of the Baltimore Oriole on our feeder. We fill the feeder with grape jelly and they come to feed all day long. Their song is beautiful too!

Hope spring has come to you too!
Until next time. 

Our Trip To D.C.

Brrrr...  Back from D.C. and I was expecting warmer weather. After five days the dogs were excited to see us and I sure missed them. I have two shadows now as they aren't too sure about my long term stay.

We had a wonderful time on our trip and got to have dinner with a high school classmate who was best man in our wedding. I love it when you can reconnect and it seems like you pick up where you left off; no matter how much time has elapsed.

We made a special trip to Arlington to visit my cousin's gravesite. He was ahead of me in school and was always my hero. Probably because he was so nice and didn't tease me when I wanted to "hang around" the older kids. I had been to Arlington once before but this time it took on a more personal feeling. As you look across the fields of white headstones sparkling in the sun you feel almost overwhelmed. Some of the headstones are larger and they represent groups of men who died at the same time. There are also spouses and of course veterans like Johnny. That doesn't count the men and women who were returned to their hometown cemeteries. I put together this picture in Instagram and sent it Johnny's son. I thought it was a good way to show the pictures since when his family was there for the service there was no marker or sod placed.

This post took on a more somber tone so I will try to be more uplifting in the future. I will end on a lighter note. My new favorite quote:  "If Dorothy can click her heels together and get to Kansas, why can't I click my flip flops together, and get to the beach?"  Enough cold weather for this Kansas girl!

Better Late Than Never

Just found this in my saved but not published box. We were leaving for D.C and I didn't finish it. Oh well, better late than never (:  BTW still in DC. Lovely weather. On to my April post now up in May.

A new cover look for Spring!  It is 9 in the morning and it is already 61 degrees. YEA!  Good morning Monday.

Yesterday at church we recognized a program that our church holds every Tuesday. It is a Payee program where the volunteers write checks for bills and food expenses each week. The client's money usually comes from Social Security disability benefits. I have been a volunteer for over 12 years now and it is so rewarding. Several of my clients are college grads but at some point reached a time in their lives where they could not cope any longer. One was in in an abusive marriage but is doing well now. They all would be challenged to handle their own money. Almost all our clients are on some meds that help them make it through each day. Part of our time is spent just listening and being a friend. I am always thankful for the blessings in my life after being there. I always take Jordy, my golden lab who is a service dog. The clients love him - showering him with hugs and (ugh) kisses.