Jordy is all ready to go on a hike with us (: He has his summer cut and is feeling much better in the heat.
Here we are on a fishing trip in Colorado with Maebry and Linden. The stream is behind us and was filled with lots of little browns and brookies.

Muffet on our hike. She got so tired that Charlie put her in his backpack and carried her the rest of the way. She probably will expect that every time now!

Learning About Blogs

I finally realized that I was the cause of my missing pictures in my older posts. I went on Picasa and deleted my old pictures. I didn't know that I removed them from my blog also! Live and learn. Have not been able to figure out how to put them back ):

Portland Visit

Here is my newest grandson, Francis or Frankie as I have called him. He is so cute - loves to be held. That is nice since he is a nursing baby and they can sometimes only want their Mommy!

Here's Stella. We had a great time swimming and playing dolls. She loves slugs - I so do not. When she asked me if I wanted to hold it, I was quick to say "Nana doesn't hold slugs."

And last, but not least, Jack. As a new big brother he is doing very well. He got a new bed while I was there and took to it very well. He loves my "big, bad wolf" story best - complete with Jack Riding Hood.

Fantastic Fourth!

Waiting for the parade to pass by on Main Street.

Charlie's big project was a hot air balloon. He put all the panels together and it was about 6' tall. Getting the hot air into the balloon via the stovepipe.

Ready to lift off. We sent it off once and Alex and Mary drove after it and found it.

Up, up and away. The second launch was better and although they chased it, it took off higher and higher and was gone. Next year we will put our name and phone # on it to see if we can find how far it traveled!

Into the wild blue yonder. Thanks to Jan and Ken for the photos and for Mary and Alex for the chase vehicle.