My Nana

Almost everyone has a person who made a lasting impression on their life. I was very fortunate to have my Nana. Today, I wore the "stork" pin she sent me after my first son, Scott, was born. I was very fortunate to grow up having Nana close by through much of my childhood. I remember trips to Colorado where Nana would drive her black and white sports car. We would take breaks every hour and on some of the breaks, I got to have a Pepsi! Nana never drank them herself, but she always carried them for me. We would go halfway and then spend the night at a motel. I'll write more memories another time, but I hope to be a Nana that my grandchildren will remember in the way that I do.


  1. I see from Lola's post that you are about to have your own grandchild while they go on vacation. My daughter (Diane of Loessismore) always loved spending time with her Gram. Both grandmothers, in fact, but she really bonded tightly with my Mom, and wrote one of her posts about Mom:

    I'm sure you'll be the same type of Nana to your grands!!

    Nancy Jane in Atlanta

  2. I hope Lola is having a lovely time on her holiday, and that you are having a lovely time with your granddaughter! I enjoyed seeing your stork pin. I have a pin that my mom gave me in memory of my grandfather. He was a pilot in WWII and loved flying. I am terrified of flying. She says that when I wear the pin anytime I have to fly, his spirit is with me, and he will keep me safe. I have wonderful memories of helping him in his garden with his roses and berry bushes when I was just a little girl. Every time I smell lavender, he comes to mind, because he had a huge hedge of it. I grow a lot of lavender too. I am sure you will be a super Nana and remembered for all those special reasons that you create!