Midnight & Shadow

Today I picked up my Kansas City granddaughters for a long weekend. Maebry turned 9 last week and we had planned to drive down to celebrate and then the snow came! Well, a neat plastic cage awaited her when we got home and then we went to the pet store to pick out 2 gerbils! She declared it was the best present ever! She picked out two black gerbils and I thought she chose such great names. It's hard to be a little sister at 5 1/2. I am going to have to think of a great idea for Linden's 6th birthday in August. We're looking forward to a great weekend and if the gerbils survive all the loving, it should be a winner of a present. Of course, I ran it by Mommy and Daddy first.


  1. What a great present! I bet she was so excited.

  2. Now that is really a happy face!

    The other Nancy Jane