For Today  - Sunday, April 21

Outside my window... Trees blowing in the Kansas wind but the sun is shining!

I am thinking... About the beauty of the outdoors. Today at the land we saw wild turkeys; deer and raccoon tracks; new wheat coming up and a variety of birds - ducks on the pond, meadowlarks and hawks. 

I am thankful for... Having the opportunity to own some land away from town. 

I am wearing... Moccasins - my favorite footwear. 

I am remembering... How my Dad was my first teacher of nature. He took me fishing and hunting and I cherish those memories. 

I am going... To have a busy week coming up. Many of my board meetings and obligations fall on the fourth week. 

I am reading... another Jo Nesbo novel. Harry Hole is a complex character. 

I am hoping... for even warmer weather (:

On my mind... Sorting through all my mother's sewing containers. A dear friend is coming Wednesday to help me. 

From the kitchen...nothing today. 

One of my favorite things~ baking. Hoping some of our fruit trees produce. 

From my picture journal... Deer track at the land!


  1. Oh Nancy, what a special time it must be to sort through your mother's sewing containers. Perhaps you will share with us, some of the treasures you find.

    We are hoping for some of our fruit trees to do better this year than in the past..plenty of blossoms right now so we'll have to see.

    Have a good night! xo

  2. Thanks Sherri. That is a good idea to share. Most of what I keep will eventually go to Lola Nova when she has room. Snow and ice here now.

    1. Oh my, I didn't mean to really share with us..I meant to show us photos...hahaha, I bet you thought I was really being pushy! haha. I guess I had better be more careful about the way I say things.

      Have a lovely weekend. xo

  3. What a wonderful post! I have been thinking on nature quite a lot these days. We had the most lovely weather last week and the neighborhood is bursting with beauty!