Outside my window... Dark clouds are threatening. Perhaps another rain like we had early this morning. We can certainly use it! Our farm pond is slowly filling up. 

I am thinking... About a friend who is going through a health crisis and sending prayers her way. 

I am thankful for... My siblings. Two weeks ago all five of us were together in Green Mt. Falls Co. We had a wonderful time. So glad that family means so much to each of us.

I am wearing... My walking clothes. I took the dogs out for a nice, long walk and have never changed. 

I am remembering... As a child and all while I was growing up picnicking at the rocks in the above picture. We called it Colorado's "Top of The World" and always went there for family gatherings. I think my parents discovered it in college. Sadly, when we went there this summer, it had been found by the general public and had trash and litter all around. We picked up a trash bag of litter for the picture but doubt we will return. All the magic was gone. 

I am reading... In the Shadow of the Banyan. A novel about Cambodia during the time of the Khmer Rouge and is told through the eyes of a seven year old girl. 

I am hoping... That the rain stays away long enough for me to play golf at six. 

From the kitchen...last night I took fresh spinach and sautéed it in a little butter. Then beaten eggs topped with tomato and cheese. A yummy omelet will always make a good dinner!

One of my favorite things... having my friend Jan over. Today she came and helped me rearrange my living room to include a beautiful desk I inherited from my Mother. Jan has such a decorating sense. 

From my picture journal...  A Western Tanager taken by Charlie. It is the first we have ever seen in Colorado or Kansas!

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