Can I Make A Difference?

Can I Make A Difference?

I'm just one person. There are so many things that are beyond my control. Each day when I read the newspaper or listen to the news, I'm overwhelmed by the enormity of the problems in our world. What's a person to do? It seems beyond my grasp.

Last Sunday, while sitting in church, an answer was presented. In our sermon, Father Sam talked about a visit he made to the National Museum of Science in Chicago years ago. He heard a talk by Buckminster Fuller, the noted architect. He was talking about ocean liners. They are so large that you cannot use a single rudder to turn them. Instead, they have three rudders. A small one that makes a small change in direction. This moves a larger rudder to make another turn which finally allows the large rudder to begin turning the liner.

Fr. Sam compared this to trying to change events in the world. We as individuals cannot change events (famine, disasters, war, etc) but we can be the small rudder which causes a minute change. That is our cause. Do not say I can't change anything. Do a small thing that you can accomplish. Be a small rudder.

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