Far, Far Away

Tonight I talked to my grandson, Jack, who lives in Portland, OR. He kept saying "Come over, come over?" I wanted to reach out and give him a hug, but the miles are to great. We are lucky. We can afford to make trips every so often. I know lots of grandparents don't have that ability. I try not to be too jealous of my friends who see their grandchildren all the time. I did get to see my granddaughters in KC, KS this weekend which was great. Love being a Nana!

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  1. What beautiful grandchildren! It is a blessing to be able to visit them and Portland is a fantastic place to visit. I'm lucky too, though I live in the UK (12 yrs) I'm able to take my children to Calif to see my family once a year and my parents visit us once a year. Don't think I could have moved without knowing I could visit home again :)