A Patch of Sunshine

Today was overcast and dreary. I had to go to our Payee Program early and was glad to get home around noon. As soon as the dogs were out and in, Muffet went to the stairs and found the one patch of sunshine in the day. I have the winter blahs and can't wait for warm weather. It looks like it will be awhile. In the meantime, I may have to lie down on the stairs!


  1. Muffet is an adorable dog! And she has an adorable name too! I might have to borrow that name for one of my lambs this year! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was totally surprised when you said you liked the comments from my mother. I know she reads my blog, but she never comments on it (I think she's shy) so I could not figure out why she commented on your blog first! Then, I realized, I think you're talking about "Mom L" who is another Nancy, and she's Diane's mom (Diane of "Loess is More") so it's not my mom after all. I would have had to give my mom a talking to if she was commenting on your blog and not on mine! Hahaha! I hope Nancy's Mom doesn't mind being my adoptive mom for a day!

    By the way, great picture of the moon too. We are out in the country and there is very little ambient light, so we get great views of the stars and the moon out here. I love it - sometimes we can see the milky way!

  2. Nancy Jane - I just read your comment on my daughter's blog! Cool, and thank you. Claire - I'll be glad to be your adopted Mom anytime, especially since you and Diane are going to meet and get to know each other.

    I don't have a dog taking over my sofa, but my 10 lb cat can certainly hog the entire center of my bed. I woke up the other night with my feet dangling over the edge.

    The other Nancy Jane

  3. We had a couple sun breaks yesterday and I am itching to get out in the yard and do some digging in the dirt. This morning however; I woke up to cold and rain, I guess it isn't quite Spring yet. I can't wait!