On The Creek

What a great day. It started out with a Youth Sunday at Harvey County West Park with a church service conducted by our young people; followed by a potluck supper with pulled pork. Heavenly!! Then Charlie worked on the playground in construction at the church. Afterwards we met up with Scott and Mary Anne at Sand Creek for a canoe trip up and back to Main. It was a beautiful evening topped off with wine on the deck. Couldn't ask for more. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. You both look so happy in that picture.
    Today is our girl's first day back to school, she is very excited!

  2. What a great picture - it looks like so much fun! And you even got a lot of work in for the day. I look forward to seeing progress pictures of the playground.

    Thanks for responding to my comment - I'm very excited about the baby. Best of all, I live only 15 minutes from their house!