Kansas Sunflowers

We drove out to our land yesterday and I took this picture of our field of sunflowers. Unfortunately, when you walk up to take the picture, you don't get the whole field. I should have climbed on top of the car!
We passed lots of fields of sunflowers on our way back from Colo. - they are a very popular crop right about now.


  1. I love sunflowers! So bold, strong, useful and happy!

    When Stella was a year old, we were in a store and the sweetest Nigerian man came up to me and said, "Your daughter, she makes me smile. She is like a Sunflower!" He was spot on. Ever since, I think of her as a sunflower.

  2. That's a wonderful way to think of her! From now on she will be my little sunflower.

  3. Sunflowers have the happiest faces! Thanks for sharing.

    The other Nancy Jane