For Today

Outside my window... It is very windy and getting colder. Where did spring go this time. 

I am thinking... Of my Mother. Today was her birthday and I miss her so much. 

I am thankful for... The time Charlie and I spent at the land Saturday. 

I am wearing... Warm socks!

I am remembering... Mom's last birthday celebration when she turned 87. I made a cheese souffl√© which was her favorite. 

I am going... To update the church website as soon as I am finished with this. 

I am reading... Nemesis by Jo Nesbo. A detective from Norway.  

I am hoping... To get just one "clean up"thing accomplished today. 

On my mind... Charlie's four rules for life. 1. Be impeccable with your word. 2. Always do your best. 3 Don't take it personally. 4. Don't make assumptions.
                                                                                  I sure have trouble with the last two. 

From the kitchen...doing a crock pot roast. The easiest way to fix dinner. 

One of my favorite things~ a good book. 

From my picture journal... Our mallard couple who visit often. Hoping for babies.


  1. Hi Nancy, it is soooo great to see you again!!

    This Spring has been so strange for so many across the country..ours is wet, nothing too abnormal about that in the Pacific Northwest.

    Love this post with little bits of what you are up to..great idea.

    Have a wonderful week. xo

    1. Thanks Sherri. It is great to see you again too m