For Today, Wednesday April 17

Outside my window... The rain falls gently, then suddenly erupts into a brief hailstorm.

I am thinking... Of the things I have put off today to read. I'll blame the rain. 

I am thankful for... My husband who likes to do the same things I do and the fun we have together. 

I am wearing... A dog on my lap as I sit here. Muffet fits the name lap dog to a "T" 

I am remembering... The people in Boston. The victims, the doctors and nurses and those who are praying for them. 

I am going... To put on my rain boots and run some errands. 

I am reading... Lecture notes on Greek history. I am taking a class through Coursera. An online offering of schools across the country. It is hard but I am learning so much.  

I am hoping... The rain keeps up so our farm pond fills up some more. 

On my mind... The need to exercise...the need- not the will. 

From the kitchen... leftovers -  "Cream of Tuesday" as I would tell the kids. 

One of my favorite things~ sunsets, and we have some great sunsets in Kansas. 

From my picture journal... 


  1. I like your great attitude about the rain..I think I should adopt it as we have so much.

    Love what you call "cream of Tuesday"..very cute.

    Have a great evening. xo

    1. I think I may have overdone it with the kids. I have one son who never takes left over food from the restaurnant (: