Today's Thoughts

Wednesday~September 23

A picture shared...

Mom and I drove out to Colorado last week. My sister, Meg, met us there and we shared a wonderful four days. The main purpose was to take Mom to see her very best friend from college days who had recently lost her husband. Mom got together with Mary and some of their college friends for lunch and they had a wonderful time!

Today I am seeing... rain falling, leaves falling and it seems the months falling away. What has happened to 2009?

I am feeling... sad that Summer is over. I am a summer girl - would much rather be hot than cold, sweaty rather than cool, and outdoors rather than in. I have never really liked AC even though I want to have it on when it's really hot.

I am hearing... the splash of rain through my open window. It is a light and pleasant rain. One I may go walk through with the dogs soon.

I am thinking... of the football game coming up this weekend. I love to meet our friends, tailgate in the parking lot and enjoy the excitement of the crowd.


  1. I always loved seeing or hearing about my Mom getting together with her remaining high school and college friends, but over the years she outlived them and it was usually former students (she referred to them as her pupils) who stayed in touch. I know you were happy to take her for the visit! Enjoy the time - Mom passed away at over 101 in 2007.

    The other Nancy Jane

  2. Thanks for your comments. You are right about getting together with friends. The years just seem to slip away and they are back in the past. I love to hear them talk about their parties and friends and all the college memories.